Our work brings positive social change.

Our language, soft and intercultural communication classes are a two-way learning journey. While displaced people are learning the language and the western codes of conduct, the teachers discover refugees’ context, reality, and cultures. This intercultural exchange goes beyond the screen, bridging cultural differences and fostering understanding and tolerance, contributing to de-polarising our divided world.

Since starting in 2018, Language Beyond Borders has matched more than 175 displaced persons with language teachers & conversation partners living in more than 50 countries. They have engaged in more than 1500 hours of language and cultural exchange learning.

We are global

We aim to help regardless of location. Participants can live anywhere as long as they have access to a device and internet connection.

We use technology to serve those who need it the most, spreading knowledge, empowerment, and solidarity. Our teachers live on all continents, and our learners, mostly in the Middle East, the UK, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

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How do we make a difference?

About learners

Data from 2019 LBB internal survey

Increase in learners´ confidence

Confidence speaking

92% of students feel that their confidence speaking in English has significantly improved after participating in one of our language courses.

Students´ confidence

80% of teachers think that their students’ confidence has significantly improved after participating in one of our language courses.

Partners´ vision

100% of our partners say that learners’ confidence has improved after participating in one of our language courses.
  • I realised my student’s confidence was improving when he started leaving voice messages instead of text ones he used to write before, and he’s a total beginner.

  • Last week I saw one student who previously was very shy to speak in English pitched a startup idea at a hackathon with a lot of confidence! I was so impressed!

    Anam Raheem.
    GSG. Partner.

Improvement in learners’ English skills

English skills

92% of students feel that their English skills have significantly improved.
  • My student used to write a small paragraph each week in English and found it very difficult. Now, he writes a page every week. Obeida is currently reading a story by Roald Dahl!

    Estelle Morali-Silver
    Estelle Morali- Silver
  • My student started to tell apart present and past more consciously and words came up more easily. Therefore, we could engage on long talks without pausing. That was a striking difference in his progress since we started.

    Tania Lacerda
  • Before the war, learning English was a hobby but now it has become one of the most important skills that I need to focus on. I’ve been granted asylum in Canada so my future depends on my English level. Attending English lessons with Language Beyond Borders has been one of the greatest things that have happened to me, not only for the language learning: my teacher Dalila has been incredibly supportive. Thank you Language Beyond Borders for making it possible.

    Hussein Kattan
  • I am a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon. I really thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn English. It will help me improve my level before I settle in Canada.

    Nagham Al Jamal

About volunteers

Data from 2019 LBB internal survey

Skills developed

76% of volunteers say that teaching with us has significantly developed their digital skills and teaching language.


88% of volunteers say that teaching a refugee online has significantly broadened their perspective of the world.

Volunteers feeling

92% of volunteers say that volunteering has significantly brought fulfilment to their lives.

Personal reward

88% of volunteers say that the experience of teaching online to a refugee has been one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences of their language teaching careers.
  • As a teacher you can never stop developing professionally. From these lessons, I have learnt the ins and outs of teaching online, which has not only developed my skill set, but also means that I now have experience if I choose to work for an online company.

    Silvia Frat
  • Sometimes the problems in the world seem insurmountable, and I often feel despondent, volunteering and meeting two amazing students really did put a spring back in my step and re ignited the fire in me to act.

    Jane Ordaz

About teachers and learners

Data from 2019 LBB internal survey

Culture exchange

83% of students have significantly learnt about their teacher culture and country.

Culture understanding

88% of teachers say that their understanding of their students’ culture has significantly improved.


72% of volunteers say that their understanding of their students’ situation (refugees’ situation) has significantly improved.
  • Volunteering as a language teacher for Language Beyond Borders has been an eye-opening experience to me. Mostly when realising how similar people are, not focusing on the differences but on what is the same. I had the chance to learn about my students’ cultural background, their values and their view of the current state of affairs.

    Polymnia Roussou
  • Volunteering with Language Beyond Borders has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. My student and I connected very soon, passing over any cultural difference and making the distance shorter. The classes don’t feel like that anymore, they feel like a relaxing talk between friends. Thank you so much for letting me be part of this, that is changing and improving the interaction and understanding among cultures.

    Graciana Moreno

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS We support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

In 2015, countries adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Language Beyond Borders is committed to joining this agenda, working specifically on four of the goals.