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GET INVOLVED Join an international community empowering people affected by conflict and fleeing persecution


Volunteers are at the heart of all we do. Join us and we will support you, provide opportunities for development and welcome you to a dedicated team of individuals positively affecting displaced people’s life. You can volunteer as a qualified language teacher, a conversation practice partner or online group moderator. 

Benefits of volunteering


Be part of a passionate online community
Hone your digital skills
Have access to professional development training
Participate in a life-changing experience
See the direct impact of your work
Make a difference
  • Language Beyond Borders is an impressive display of humanity, passion, teamwork and a clear demonstration of the tangible, positive change that can be achieved when a group of people work together for a cause.

    Francesca Reader
  • Volunteering with Language Beyond Borders has been a wonderful experience which has given me a greater insight and understanding of the challenges faced by refugees as well as a unique opportunity to discover Syrian culture. I have been teaching English to a fantastic student who I would not have got to know otherwise. Discovering foreign cultures gives us a more open view to the world and consequently makes us better citizens. I would like to plea to anyone who has the relevant skills to get involved.

    Estelle Morali-Silver
  • The preliminary training I completed before the classes and the support from the coordinators made my volunteering a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The Facebook group and the online meetings throughout the course are an invaluable way of staying in touch and sharing ideas.

    Michael Black
  • I’ve learnt many things, from finding circumstantially appropriate materials to suit disadvantaged populations, to adapting and navigating new technologies and classroom platforms, I was challenged as a teacher in entirely new ways. Not only was I able to improve my lesson-planning abilities and digital communication, but my adaptability, patience, and empathy increased, as well.


    Nicole Waers

Become a teacher

Volunteer as a qualified English language teacher

What does it take

2 hours per week
Be passionate about our mission and aligned with our values
Good internet connection
Certificate to teach English

Become a conversation partner or a study group moderator

Volunteer as an English conversation practice partner or as a moderator on Facebook English study groups

What does it take

2 hours per week
Be passionate about our mission and aligned with our values
Good internet connection
Be fluent in English


Members are committed supporters who donate monthly. You will enable us to provide, on a regular basis online language classes.  

   These are examples of what we can achieve together.

    •   10€ could contribute to a student’s weekly language class
    •   40€ could contribute to a student taking part in a month of classes
    •   60€ could contribute to the training of our volunteer teachers
    • 160€ could contribute to a student taking part in a 4-month course.

Your membership will help change lives. Thank you!

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Partnerships with companies, trusts and foundations play a key role in enabling us to empower refugees by learning a language. They are an important drive for social change and in Language Beyond Borders, we are interested in leveraging their support.

If your company, trust or foundation cares about our mission and is aligned with our values, please contact us and let’s explore a collaboration. We will work together to make a difference and meet mutually beneficial objectives.