About Empowering people affected by conflict and fleeing persecution through language skills

Language Beyond Borders is a nonprofit organisation that draws on technology, qualified language professionals and strategic partnerships to empower displaced people worldwide to regain control of their lives through tailor-made, live high-quality language, soft and intercultural communication skills programmes.

Language Beyond Borders in less than 2 minutes

 When we began this fabulous journey our learners were all Arabic speakers, but as our students grew in number, so did their native languages. As of today, our learners speak ten different languages. From Amharic to Pashto. From Kurdish to Tigrinya. To reflect their diversity, in Autumn 2019, Amal Learning changed its name to Language Beyond Borders.

Our vision

We envision a more tolerant and just world where every person affected by conflict or fleeing persecution possess the necessary language and relational skills to rebuild their lives and thrive in every social context. 

We believe that education and intercultural exchange can transform the lives of individuals and be a driving force for positive social change. They are key to promoting respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms and encouraging both understanding and tolerance.


Our mission


We empower people affected by conflict and fleeing persecution through language, soft and intercultural communication skills, enabling them to access educational and employment opportunities, and to integrate into their new societies.

In parallel, teachers and students learn from one another, bridging cultural differences, fostering understanding and tolerance.

Our values


Respect for everyone we work with.


We strive to offer the best service to our learners and the best support to our volunteers. We aim to the highest standards and continually strive for excellence.


We are building a global community that thrives on mutual respect, collaboration and support.


We believe we can achieve the best results working with people with diverse backgrounds and divergent points of view. Our diversity is our strength.


We support and empower the people we work with to achieve their own success. Ultimately it’s their commitment and effort that makes the difference.


We seek to achieve the greatest possible impact with the resources we have. Creating avenues for feedback and reporting from partners, volunteers and learners allows us to learn and grow.


Our story

In 2016,  Mabel Prieto saw the European refugee crisis first hand while volunteering in a refugee camp in Ioannina, Greece. There, she realised that the main obstacle that refugees faced in order to integrate into their new societies, to be able to work or study, and to rebuild their lives, was learning the host language.

Sarah Waddington was a qualified and experienced English language teacher who, wanting to help using the skills she had, was successfully teaching English online to refugees directly over Skype to their phones.

With Mabel’s experience as a project manager, the two combined their expertise in order to bridge the gap, with the aim of giving refugees support and access to language skills.

TEAM Our team is comprised of experienced people from different backgrounds in language teaching, e-learning and project management. Below are some of the wonderful people that make this project happen.

Coordination team

Teaching team

Here are some of our dedicated teachers who have been volunteering for at least two terms. Many more teachers help LBB students every week.

Testimonials Here’s what our team have to say about LBB

  • It’s been an amazing experience. I’ve met new people and come to realise the refugee problem. I was shocked with the harsh life conditions, but I was more surprised with my student’s determination to studying.  You feel helpful in many ways.

    Vasia Zigouri
  • I can honestly say that being involved in Language Beyond Borders work has been one of the highlights both in my year and certainly in my career as a teacher. I highly recommend volunteering as you get so much more from the experience than you put in. I learnt about how resilient Syrian people are and gained an insight into some of the challenges faced by them. I saw my student grow in confidence and optimism with each class.

    Aideen Flood
  • The support that Language Beyond Borders gives to its volunteers is impressive. My coordinator is always in contact. The preliminary training really informative and helpful. I love the regular online meetings, they are so useful! I always learn something new or gain an insight into working with my student.

    Christine Stoneman
  • If you are considering collaboration with Language Beyond Borders, I would not hesitate. The mission is clear, the impact is immediate, and support for LBB means support for the world’s most disadvantaged populations. Everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed, and that is what LBB provides – to students and teachers, alike.

    Nicole Waers